Is VoIP phone quality good enough for business?

VoIP call quality has the same clarity and reliability as traditional phone lines when deployed by knowledgeable, trained technicians.

Does VoIP offer competitive long-distance rates and plans?

Even better. Our VoIP service eliminates the need for long distance plans. All calls to destinations North America are a local call (no need to dial 1) and our overseas rates are less expensive.

We are having a lot of issues and our IT guy says it’s the wiring.

Out of sight, out of mind. Cabling is frequently overlooked as a potential source of issues. 100 ft patch cables strung through the ceiling to connect a new workstation, or adding a small switch to an office to plug in a few more devices, can work in a pinch. It can also cause issues and make it difficult to troubleshoot and resolve those issues. Proper cabling, installed by trained technicians, will make your IT guy’s life easier and lower your support costs.

What type of cabling should I choose? What is CAT6 and is it better than CAT5?

There is no general guideline here. While Category 6 wiring (along with CAT6A and CAT7 are engineering standards for network cabling) is technically better than Category 5, It is not necessarily appropriate for you and your usage case. At Reliable VoIP we’ll assess your needs and your budget and help you choose the right wiring to fit your business needs.

If I change to VoIP can I keep the same phone number?

Yes. We will facilitate porting the number (or numbers) to the new service. The transition to VoIP will be completely transparent to your customers.

We’re moving to a new location. Will the wiring at our new location be suitable for our business?

Excellent question. We can arrange a site visit to inspect the new location and provide you with an estimate for upgrades if required.

Our business is moving. What do we need to make the transition a smooth one?

Moving can be a big job. Reliable VoIP can help ask the questions needed to get your technology ready for the transition: Does the new location have the IT and telecommunications services your business requires? Is the current cabling adequate for your needs? How expensive will the upgrades be if required? Let us know as soon as you can and Reliable VoIP will help ensure your technology is ready when you move in.